November 1, 2023

CassetteAI Monthly Updates - September 2023

CassetteAI Monthly Updates - September 2023

1. We've launched a new sound effects focused AI model for creating SFX like "thunderstorm rain noises", "birds chirping", etc.

2. Retrained the music AI model (15,000 hours of music, 200k audio files) for higher output quality.

3. CassetteAI now has over 3,000 weekly & 15,000 monthly active users.

4. CassetteAI was featured in TechCrunch & MIDiA research!

5. We have gathered a ton of more detailed feedback from our users here

6. NVIDIA accepted CassetteAI into their Inception program, which lets us cover our backend costs and GPU spend upto $100k USD via Amazon Web Services!

7. Based on user feedback - We've updated the platform and rolled out some baller new features including:

• Editing & mixing studio
• Prompt refinement
• Extending beats & creating multiple variations
• Seed control
• Dynamic tag recommendations
• "Explore" section with a search feature to see what other users have been generating

8. Signed our first enterprise deal to integrate a custom fine-tuned music model and white label APIs from CassetteAI

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