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Cassette is your copilot for music. Our cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology built using Latent Diffusion models (LDMs) makes music production, customisation & listening available to everyone. Making music is as simple as writing a prompt now!

"Vintage lofi beat with guitar"
Vintage lofi beat with guitar
"Dubstep, horns, ride cymbal, heavy bass line, energetic synth"
Dubstep, horns, ride cymbal, heavy bass line, energetic synth
"Synthy 80s inspired beat, Upbeat, Electronic Instruments"
Synthy 80s inspired beat, Upbeat, Electronic Instruments
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Music created by CassetteAI

Music samples generated by Cassette beta users, using a prompt input into the AI. These samples have not been modified or edited after their creation by the users.
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Tech Specs

Cassette enables musicians and producers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, to create high-quality, royalty-free music that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.



Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Cassette analyzes and understands music patterns, styles, and trends to generate unique and high-quality music.


Exact Precision

With an easy-to-use interface, users can input various parameters such as desired genre, mood, length, and instrumentation, and CassetteAI will generate a complete track from scratch



Keep your beats hidden on your own profile until you're ready to export or share it with others.


Royalty Free Music

Cassette has no ownership over the music that you create. Since the output is generated by AI, you don't have to worry about copyright issues or sharing ownership.


Custom AI Model

Cassette works on a machine learning model based on latent diffusion (LDMs) that can imagine music using the text description that you provide to it.


No Limitations

There is absolutely no limitations to creating music, except for your imagination. Cassette's machine learning model is trained on thousands of instruments and sound effects.

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