December 9, 2023

CassetteAI Monthly Updates - November 2023

CassetteAI Monthly Updates - November 2023
Hey, just wanted to keep y'all posted on CassetteAI's monthly progress for November!
1. We have made significant product improvements to advance the boundaries of AI-generated music, with a focus on meeting the needs of musicians:

• Stem Separation for drums, piano, guitar, bass, & others

• Dual Channel Stereo Audio for creations

• Users can Stream their output as the entire creation loads

• Improvements to Audio Player UI allowing finer control over modifying creations

• Auto refine input prompts with a custom fine-tuned LLM for higher quality outputs

2. Shipped our melody model that uses input audio samples as references for beat generation

3. Launched a CassetteAI integration for ChatGPT that allows users to create music in a conversational style:

4. Collaborating with 369 Recordings to launch an album of AI-generated Music: (Will also be exported on physical cassettes!)

5. Presented on 'The Future of Generative AI and Music' at Paris Tech Show:

6. Viral Twitter threads cumulatively reach nearly 2.5M people - [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]
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