January 18, 2024

CassetteAI Monthly Updates - December

CassetteAI Monthly Updates - December

1. CassetteAI is now Multimodal - We've integrated the capability to prompt our model with videos, in addition to text [Demo].

2. Users can now modify their creations via text input, enhancing user control and precision within our creation process [Demo].

3. We have added the ability for pro users to stream audio while it's being created, reducing the waiting time by 50% [Demo].

4. Público Portugal featured CassetteAI in an article about practical consumer uses for artificial intelligence!

5. We have secured 8x H100 GPUs to speed up our creation process by 300%. We'll be deploying this as a feature to prioritize performance for pro users and B2B partners.

6. We developed a new 1.2B parameter model concentrated on hip-hop music to deliver the highest quality outputs possible for our most desired genres. We are working towards launching specialized models, individually optimized for various popular genres.

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